Royal Caribbean Navigator of the Seas & Scott Stein, Cruise Agent

Royal Caribbean & Celebrity
Cruise Agent

(and his wife, Laura)

Royal Caribbean Navigator of the Seas in Aruba, Bonaire, & Curacao

Welcome aboard!

Hi! I'm Scott. That pretty one up there sitting next to me is my wife, Laura.

Laura and I are travel and cruise addicts. We love travel in all of its forms - exploring foreign lands on foot, sailing down romantic rivers on a riverboat, voyaging out to sea on a cruise ship... you name it, we're in!

We love the ancient stuff from history books. We love meeting people, indulging in their traditional foods and beverages as well as their more trendy cuisine and cocktails, and experiencing their local cultures. We love dancing and hiking and wandering and shopping. It's all so much fun!

We love expedition cruises to the Galapagos. We love relaxing, indulgent cruises in the Caribbean, Alaska, and Norway. We love small ship adventures in the Greek Isles, Southern Italy, Spain, and France.

And, we LOVE Royal Caribbean and Celebrity! We enjoy Princess and NCL and the others, too, but consistently we find that Royal Caribbean and Celebrity meet, and then exceed, our every expectation.

So, if I'm not in the office working on your Mediterranean cruise or Alaska expedition, I'm probably on "Something Of The Seas" in the beautiful Caribbean waters.

A little background for you... Laura and I are both New Yorkers. We left when I was 20 and she was 19. We lived in a suburb of Atlanta for six years before moving to Orlando, where we've been for over twenty years. We share our home with our two yellow labs, Huckleberry ("Huck") and Edison ("Eddie"). I ride a Harley. And, did I mention that we love travel and cruising? ;-)